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Business Maturity Optimisation (BMO) for SAP Enabled Supply Chains

Business Maturity Optimisation is our SAP Supply Chain improvement methodology that has been developed and honed since SAP’s initiation of Continuous Business Improvement post Y2K.

Rather than focus on acquiring new technology however, BMO’s emphasis is to get the technology you already have working for you.

The fundamental technique to BMO is to use standard SAP tools and reports to extract information from your live SAP system to identify, drive and measure supply chain optimisation programmes.

In-house Supply Chain Optimisation Bootcamps

SweetThorn offers onsite, live-system education and training in the form of 2-5 day Bootcamps aimed at guiding your end user community to use SAP to bring about business improvement.

SweetThorn advises a move away from traditional “click here-click there” training to one that is focused on shifting the attendees’ perception of the SAP power they have at their disposal.  This power is to be found in the use of Standard SAP operational tools and reports.

We propose a practical, hands-on and outcomes based facilitation approach using your live SAP system to equip the delegates with the knowledge needed to optimise supply chain outputs.  The significance of this live system approach is that the learning is arrived at by using current examples from your SAP system, data and processes.  This facilitates a very real and tangible learning experience for the delegates, since the training process immerses the delegates in their personal day-to-day work using subject matter, data, content and examples they own and use.

SAP S4 HANA Readiness Assessment

Given SweetThorn’s experience in the SAP install-base, and our association with SAP Service Partners, we are placed to assist clients in preparing for an S4 HANA upgrade.

By applying our Business Maturity Optimisation (BMO) principles we are able to provide insights on how to avoid the pitfalls possibly attributable to implementation decisions and approaches of the past. With an emphasis on “do things differently” we are able to use your existing SAP data, standard SAP tools and reports and our optimisation experiences to help you achieve different, improved and sustainable results.

Business Maturity Optimisation (BMO) for S4 HANA Implementations

SweetThorn offers Thought Leadership for organisations embarking on SAP uUpgrades or new implementations.

This entails the deployment of SweetThorn Advisors to guide the functional, change management and training teams based on our experiences with customers who have been live on SAP for several years.

Many customers facing SAP systems for the first time find themselves in a position of “we need to know what we don’t know”.  SweetThorn aims to address this predicament by assisting client project leaders to ask the right questions of their implementation partners and software providers, and to validate the answers. This way the project delivery is held true to the strategic motives underpinning the justification to implement SAP.

MRP Readiness and Post Go-Live Support

Since MRP is the SAP’s supply chain execution engine it is critical that all supply chain role players (sales, demand planning, production, purchasing, warehousing, plant maintenance, accounts payable, accounts receivable) are familiar with its functioning and their individual impacts on keeping demand and supply in balance.

To this end SweetThorn offers readiness training and post go-live support for SAP driven supply chains.

Coaching, Mentoring, Change Management and End User Training

Through SweetThorn’s Partnerships and Associations we also provide thought leadership and interventions in the following areas:

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