Who is SweetThorn Thought Leadership?

SweetThorn Thought Leadership is an advisory firm consisting of a core team of SAP ERP Optimisation Specialists and Thought Leaders.

SweetThorn’s founding member, Steven Freemantle, has been involved in the development and delivery of SAP supply chain optimisation programmes since 2003 and SAP implementations since 1994. SweetThorn has sound relationships with various Senior Associates (both local and international) who are drawn on to deliver the services you may require. The skill sets of these individuals include:

  • SAP Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Advanced SAP implementation and configuration
  • Business process design
  • Management theory consulting
  • Change management
  • Education
  • Training

SweetThorn's Experience & Expertise

Through its founding member, SweetThorn has been involved in 24 full-cycle SAP implementations, 38 optimisation initiatives across the globe and the delivery of 40 papers at various local and international supply chain conferences.

Our supply chain optimisation experience covers:

  • Automotive
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Utilities and energy
  • Retail

SweetThorn’s functional expertise covers a wide ambit of SAP’s integrated functionality, from sales and distribution to production planning to materials management to plant maintenance to financials. This functional experience is largely determined by the scope of the optimisation initiatives we have been involved in, which covers:

  • Maintenance spares driven supply chains (inbound)
  • Services driven supply chains
  • Manufacturing driven supply chains (outbound)
  • Wholesale driven supply chains
  • Retail driven supply chains

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