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Business Maturity Optimisation (BMO) is our SAP Supply Chain Improvement methodology that has been developed and honed since SAP’s initiation of Continuous Business Improvement post Y2K.

Rather than focus on acquiring new technology however, BMO’s emphasis is to get the technology you already have working for you.

The fundamental technique to BMO is to use standard SAP tools and reports to extract information from your live SAP system to identify, drive and measure supply chain optimisation programmes.  There are several focus areas:

  1. Uncover and quantify your company’s supply chain challenges.  We do not embark on lengthy interview processes, since this opens the Health Check findings to conjecture and opinion. We rather allow your live SAP data to tell is your supply chain story.
  2. Set a tangible value proposition.  If it does not add value, then it should not be done.
  3. Lay out the road-map to realise the value.
  4. Train, educate and change manage your operational staff and their leadership to be empowered to use SAP to realise their operational objectives (that feed your strategic goals) and to sustainably tackle the next improvement opportunity, and the next and the next – improvement must be continuous.
  5. Measure day-to-day operational progress and contribution to BMO and company objectives at an individual, team, departmental and company level.
  6. Do today’s work today. The work of keeping demand and supply in balance will be determined by inputs to, and outputs from SAP.  If it is not happening in SAP, then it is not happening.  Buyers, Planners, Sales staff, Inventory Controllers and their managers will begin their day focusing on the direction set by SAP.
  7. Certify, performance measure, reward and recognise supply chain operational staff.

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