In-house Supply Chain Optimisation Bootcamps

SweetThorn offers onsite, live-system education and training in the form of 2-5 day Bootcamps aimed at guiding your end user community to use SAP to bring about business improvement.

SweetThorn advises a move away from traditional “click here-click there” training to one that is focused on shifting the attendees’ perception of the SAP power they have at their disposal.  This power is to be found in the use of Standard SAP operational tools and reports.

We propose a practical, hands-on and outcomes based facilitation approach using your live SAP system to equip the delegates with the knowledge needed to optimise supply chain outputs.  The significance of this live system approach is that the learning is arrived at by using current examples from your SAP system, data and processes.  This facilitates a very real and tangible learning experience for the delegates, since the training process immerses the delegates in their personal day-to-day work using subject matter, data, content and examples they own and use.

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