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I recently completed a Business Maturity Optimisation programme for one of my long-standing clients. On completion of his certification exam one of the participants sent me the email below. I share it reluctantly since it makes me feel boastful, yet I also know the overwhelming sense affirmation his gratitude gave me.
Steven Freemantle | May 04, 2014

As cliché is it may seem I do what I do to make a difference, the email below confirms that, at least for this individual, my purpose has been achieved:

Dear Steven

As a Hindu person, I have been taught from childhood about “matha, pitha, guru deivam”. To translate, that means that you first receive wisdom from your mother, then your father, and then through your teacher/s, whoever they may be. In humility, I acknowledge you as a “guru” in my life in that you have been my teacher and imparter of knowledge extending beyond just the SAP process. Thank you kindly for your valued support, sustained encouragement and painstaking detail throughout towards ensuring that my knowledge of SAP is enhanced.

I must hasten to add that I am that much the wiser today for having made the decision to attend this current series of SAP sessions that I was unfortunate enough to have missed during your first engagement, sadly, circumstances beyond my control.

For the times that I have irritated you, I must apologise as that was never my intent.

Please be assured of my commitment to continue building on and applying my knowledge gained through active engagement in the various SAP processes that I have learnt through you. You have truly lived up to Challenge • Inspire • Educate.

Warm regards
[Name withheld]
Section Manager: Electrical Maintenance

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