South Africa’s 21 Day Lockdown: End of Week One

As week one of South Africa’s lockdown draws to an end, I thought I’d share my experience (and very high-level plan):
Steven Freemantle | Apr 02, 2020
  • Week Zero (pre-lockdown): Panic & crisis management
  • Week One: Continuity planning
  • Week Two: Stabilise
  • Week Three: Innovate

I am feeling SweetThorn has realized a semblance of stabilisation in week one.  My sense is that it will be very difficult to move ahead constructively without stabilisation.

As we move into week two, from tomorrow, I am hoping we will be ahead of our plan and start innovating already.  As we do this, not only are we mindful of the space in which we find ourselves, but realise also, we need to be acutely aware of where our clients, prospects and partners may be.

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