Mastering Enterprise Asset Management with SAP

I have been talking at The Eventful Group's Mastering SAP conferences since 2009, both here in South Africa, and in Australia. I thoroughly enjoy contributing to these events and I am looking forward to the upcoming Mastering EAM conference in Johannesburg (23-25 May 2016).
Steven Freemantle | Mar 29, 2016

As a proud partner at this year’s event, we will be presenting a paper that will show how you can integrate, cooperate and communicate; using the stock- standard SAP tools, as well as a one-day workshop that addresses the entrenchment of a holistic EAM mind-set across the full maintenance value chain. 

Read on for a short synopsis of both talks.

Track Talk: Take the blame out of your maintenance game: Fix your people not your systems

If you have been live on SAP for more than 6 months, the time for training is done, it is now time for Business Maturity Optimisation. This means your people will need to integrate, cooperate and communicate, using SAP, which implies you will need to dramatically alter your SAP culture. This change can only be achieved by using information from your SAP system to drive the next level of education and change.  The power of this approach is that your efforts are not based on theory and hearsay, but rather one driven by facts, whereby the contribution of each individual in your maintenance value chain can be evaluated, and adjusted if needed.  With an educated workforce in place, you can move to meaningful performance contracting, which is the final step in entrenching change.  It’s as simple as: Tell me what you need me to do, show me how to do it, and then measure me – using standard SAP reports.

Click here for talk take-aways ...

  • Learn to use facts extracted from SAP to address your people challenges
  • Understand how process and systems training (and education) can be rolled into a meaningful, value-laden experience (it is not either or, it is process and systems training that brings value)
  • Teach your maintenance teams to confidently update SAP as daily maintenance scenarios change
  • Understand that importance of “this is how we do things around here”, and its impact on seamlessly introducing new staff into the work place
  • Learn how objective and target driven, on-the-job education sticks, and truly empowers your maintenance staff
  • Learn how to establish forums that are education and information-sharing focused, and driven from live SAP reports
  • Get to grips with how using one source of information can empower your maintenance and reliability team members
  • See how to reduce your dependence on your Super Users
  • Understand how to measure planner, buyer and warehousing’s performance, through effective KPI reporting.
  • Learn how to identify data integrity issues – real time – and not through costly, after-the-fact, quality audits

Workshop 1: Realising a Holistic Asset Management Mind-set with SAP: Integrate or Die!

Collaboration and integration across all departments - production planning, procurement, warehousing, maintenance and finance - is essential to ensuring a holistic asset management mind-set. Cross functional visibility using SAP becomes paramount, but is pointless with poor data integrity and a squall of inconsistent spreadsheets. SAP has powerful tool sets that you already own, and this workshop walk you through accessing this SAP functionality. You will be able to go back to your work place and start using these reports straight away.

Click here for workshop take-aways ...

  • Learn move away from reactive excel-based reporting to proactively using the SAP reports that have already paid for
  • Learn how to use SAP’s standard tool sets to see how well you tactically execute EAM strategy
  • Learn how to use SAP’s standard SAP tools to see how other departments affect optimal plant and asset maintenance
  • Uncover maintenance value chain dis-integration points in your company's processes 
  • Learn how to use data from SAP reports to instil effective communication across the different business functions – using facts, rather than speculation
  • Get to grips with how access to information can empower your maintenance and reliability team members.
  • Understand how to measure planner, buyer and warehousing’s performance, through effective KPI reporting.
  • Learn how to easily identify and eliminate data integrity issues


If you are interested in attending this year’s exciting event click here to register, or contact Stacey or Peter from The Eventful Group on +27 21 460 0434. We look forward to seeing you there.

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