Human Behaviour is piling on Supply Chain Costs – do you know how much?

I often talk about how SAP’s supply chain exception monitors can be used to identify the human behaviours that cause imbalances and that addressing these will improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce costs.
Steven Freemantle | Jun 10, 2020

Many of the behaviours that unnecessarily inflate supply chain costs are identifiable through information that resides in your SAP system.  SweetThorn have tangibly linked cost and behaviour by developing a tool to quantify unnecessary costs, using outputs from your existing SAP toolsets and Théa (our supply chain reporting tool named after the Titan Goddess of Sight).  With Théa you will be able to calculate cost of human behaviour that triggers waste.  These behaviours and waste are all intrinsically linked to SAP’s supply chain exception monitors.

The diagram below serves as a reminder of the 8 Wastes of Lean (a trusted approach to identifying supply chain improvements and cost). 

We all know that great deal of cost can be saved by addressing these wastes.  A critical starting point will be to quantify these cost.  We have found a way to do that, with Théa. Théa uses your live SAP data and Lean Six Sigma to:

  1. Calculate what your exception messages (and behaviours) are costing you
  2. Set an exception message reduction target
  3. Calculate the financial benefit of meeting the target

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